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Let us help you navigate the Metaverse
with virtual and extended reality 

Dubai Film Production - Verge Film Production

Extended Reality

VR | AR | MR | XR

Verge design digital worlds to enhance traditional storytelling with virtual and interactive experiential technology. We are a team of experienced creators that embrace new tech head-on. 

We envision a near future consisting of daily, ubiquitous mixed reality.

We are experts in the Metaverse, in virtual reality including stereo VR animation, VR post-production specialising in realistic depth perception. With a wide array of in-house 360 camera rigs, we have years of experience in creating viewer friendly VR, avoiding common mistakes like VR nausea and breaking immersion.

We cater to both local and international clients with projects including virtual theme parks rides, VR car test drives, VR real estate, VR meditation pods, VR yacht sales and VR games.

We're happy to consult for your brand or company, to help build your Metaverse.

Metaverse - Dubai Film Production

Immerse Your
Audience In 
Memorable Experiences

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