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Welcome to our collection of Film and Television projects, showcasing diverse stories in various stages of development. We are committed to producing quality content and fostering collaborations. We invite filmmakers to submit scripts and concepts for potential co-productions. Contact us for show bibles, scripts, and information on our current production assets, and explore opportunities to work together in bringing compelling narratives to the screen.

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Format:  Sci-fi drama


In 2035, a mix of greed and power created a failed singularity producing a misaligned sentient AI that tore the world apart and left planet Earth.


It’s now 2055 and survivors gather in Neotopia, the last remaining city on Earth running on limited resources. The inhabitants live with permanent contact lens implants that digitally enhance the real world, called the LAYERS, changing the mundane into interesting with augmented reality. No one can switch off the Metaverse Layers.

Talon is obsessed with developing a second singularity, one that is controlled, and aligned with humanity's needs. He convinces a talented Mod builder, Sol to help him on his quest to build a mod that can accurately predict a few moments into the future. Sol’s always wanted a better life and to free those trapped in Layer 1 Metaverse.


Talon wants nothing more than to recreate his family who was tragically killed in the first singularity. Getting closer to his goal, his obsession spirals, finding himself faced with taking dangerous shortcuts. Will he bring back his lost family and risk destroying what’s left of humanity?


thoughts & prayers

Format: 6-part television series, comedy -drama.

A jaded second-generation pastor of a rural church in middle America tries to find meaning. The town is struggling with an identity crisis with talk of a coming Amazon fulfilment centre to replace the once thriving CD case manufacturing factory.


After a head injury, a depraved second-generation pastor mysteriously starts to hear his congregation's prayers in middle America. With a renewed sense of purpose, he tries to guide them toward their aspirations, although his best-laid plans unravel with unintended consequences.


Format: Feature Film, Drama.

"Unmanned" is a poignant feature film that delves into the human consequences of the War on Terror. Through the eyes of a courageous 11-year-old Iraqi boy and an American drone pilot, this film offers a unique perspective on the moral complexities of revenge, family, and Western intervention.


With stunning visuals and powerful themes, this thought-provoking and moving film offers a rare glimpse into the often-overlooked consequences of war and invites audiences to reexamine their perspectives on the Middle East. 


please like me!

Format: Television series, unscripted.

We invite 10 influential social media icons to battle it out in a beautiful location. Each day our influencers undergo a series of challenges as their followers support them with clues.

Our influential heroes start with basic supplies, they have to win back inner-city luxuries.  Influencers’ most prized possession, their phones are restricted more as they progress further in the challenge as we see them struggle with their phone addiction.


Dopamine meters measure their level of addiction to their phones and the depleted levels of happiness without them. The contestants may not know it, but social media is bad for their mental health, and they need a digital detox, away from their phones. 

Let’s see if their audience likes them for who they really are and who they portray to be online.

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Format: 8-part television series | Murder mystery, thriller.

Set in the late 60s, Lebanon is alive with the energy of a new era. The murder of a young woman is discovered amongst the Cedar trees in a luxurious isolated resort nestled in a stunning mountain setting. A Lebanese-American detective Zara uncovers a labyrinthine network of secrets and half-truths, casting doubt on everything she thought she knew about Bassam, the charming resort owner.

Themes of redemption, love, and blurred morality run throughout the series, with complex, multi-dimensional characters and a touch of romance.  Zara embarks on a perilous mission to uncover the truth, jeopardizing her own safety and confronting her own innermost truths in the face of the wealthy and influential.


Format: Feature Film, Sci-fi

Writers: Mat Schramm & Tristan Cox

Academy Nicholl screenwriting competition top 25%

In a future ravaged by energy wars and on the brink of extinction, humanity's elite launch the Genesis space orbiter, a last-ditch sanctuary carrying the means for Earth's rebirth.


Centuries later, the Genesis, managed by its sentient AI, 'Mother', prematurely faces a meteor shower, leading to the emergency growth of six humans tasked with humanity's survival. Amidst their quest for a new home, a breakthrough in propulsion offers hope.


However, tragedy strikes, shaking their unity. Contacted by Earth's remaining humans, the Genesis crew must navigate the treacherous remnants of their species to forge a future.

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Format: Feature Film, Comedy Action

Story: Mat Schramm & Edem Agbotui

Washed-up 90’s action hero Rex Arnold inadvertently causes a zombie outbreak in a Jeddah mall, challenging two young Saudi film enthusiasts to survive the ensuing chaos while debunking cultural stereotypes.

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