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Food Photography

Here's a showcase of our in-house Photographer, Drina Cabral who operates as a food photographer and stylist in Dubai, catering to a wide range of hotels, some of the best restaurants in the region and various boutique eateries in the UAE. With a background in media production for almost a decade, Drina is able to bring together a harmonious relationship between art & design, and visual appetite.

Her passion and commitment to culinary art are evident in her unwavering attention to detail when it comes to each dish pictured within her rich portfolio. What distinctively sets her apart from other professional food photographers is her ability to artistically fashion a dish in a way that best appeals to the lens, thus encapsulating the true adjective of every shot. Her work is niche to a market that appreciates the fine art of culinary masterpieces and comprises commercial projects amongst many other personal and privately commissioned ones. To add to her accolades, she has won a category prize in the exemplary Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards; and additionally has had her work also showcased in The Louvre, Paris as part of The Exposure Award.

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