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  • Mat Schramm

Making The Most Of Cannes Film Festival

So, you're ready to catch a flight to the French Riviera, and play the part of a suave film producer at the Cannes Film Festival, huh? Well, my friend, here's your brief guide to make the most out of this roller-coaster ride of cinematic extravaganza.

cannes film festival

Consider this your pre-flight briefing. Before you even catch a whiff of that fresh sea breeze, you need to know what you're in for. Are you on a quest for collaborators for your next masterpiece, or maybe you're hunting for fat-cat financiers to back your dreams? Or perhaps you're just there to put your latest opus on the big screen and cross your fingers for a standing ovation. My point is, have your goals set in stone to make the most of Cannes.

Now, the Cannes Film Festival isn't just about films, it's a whirlwind of screenings, parties, and schmoozing. Plan and prioritise, or you might find yourself nursing a hangover when you should be dazzling a room full of power-players. Make a priority list and check it twice, know what you want out of your trip.

Next on the menu, networking. This is Cannes, baby! So put on your charm offensive and get ready to rub shoulders with the industry's glitterati. Use Cinado, the largest professional database of the film industry, look for people you may want to connect with and reach out to them in advance.

Remember, everyone has a story and you might find yourself next to a high profile hotshot in a queue for coffee. Make sure your 30s second pitch is the one they remember over breakfast croissants.

cannes film festival paviiions

Don't forget to check out the Marché du Film, the industry's biggest shopping mall. Here, you can play matchmaker with distributors, sales agents, and other industry bigwigs. It's like speed dating, but for films. Get your meetings booked prior or book them on day 1 for the next few days.

Now, let's not forget, we're in Cannes! The city is a character in its own right. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and explore the city. Tuck into some local cuisine. Sip some fine French wine. Who knows, you might find your next big idea while strolling down La Croisette.

But remember, Cannes isn't a one-night stand. It's the start of a beautiful relationship. So, don't ghost your new contacts. Follow up. Keep the conversation going. Think of it as a long-term investment in your future acceptance speech.

So there you have it. Your essential survival guide to the Cannes Film Festival. Clear goals, planning and prioritising, networking, pitch-perfect pitches, attending the Marché du Film, exploring Cannes, and following up. Now, go forth and conquer.

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